Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hot Springs !!

Alhama de Granada - Hot Springs!

Naturally boiling hot water enclosed in little pools, right next to a freezing cold river!

Cool, huh?

It was around 15 degrees outside and the official Hot Springs was closed. So my mum and I, along with two friends, creeped past the main gate, down a steep little hill and into the Springs! It wasn't very comfortable standing in a swimming costume on a windy day, but when my toes touched the water, my mouth dropped open! IT WAS SO WARM!!!! You know what it feels like when you're really cold and then you have a hot bath? When there's that weird burning when you touch the water? Well, yeah, that's what it feels like over here!

The water only reaches your chest once you sit down, but it's soooo lovely you can't get out afterwards!!

Yes, it was SO worth it driving for that hour through mountains and curvy roads to get there (i get car sick, so it wasn´t a very pleasant journey for me)!!


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