Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hi :D

I solemnly swear that from this day on i will write my blog entries regularly -_-

HELLO!!! I know it's been i while but i am serious now and i promise i will write my blog regularly :) But we're in this sort of weird situation aka have no internet at home and have to fly between cafes and restaurants that have WiFi.

I also write a diary which takes up a lot of time and gives me a pain in the as- i mean hand.

And i go horseriding and have to study etc etc etc BUT i do try to write my blogs in a Word Doc and them copy and paste them here (like the previous one that i completely forgot about heheh lol)

Now that there aren't as many peeps in my house as there was a few days back (guests and family and blah blah blah) i think i'll have a teensy weency bit more time from now on.

But now i have a date with my Mum to go eat frozen yoghurt. See what i mean? :P

Bye xoxox


Heyy people!!

(This blog entry was written the day we got to Tenerife, aka end of August)

Yeahh i know i haven't written anything for ages and ages and ages but that's because there's been a lot going on.

First of all, we're not on Fuerteventura anymore (i'm still with my dad and them lot), but on Tenerife!! Yipee!

Why? The answer is simple - it was too hot. Because Fuerte is a volcanic and dessert-ish island, there is hardly any wind (and if so it's the hot type). It is also really close to Africa, meaning the scorching Africam sun was right above our heads. Fuerte was waaaay to boiling for us!!!

And even though we loved Lorenzo's house and the place in general, we had to go :(

So we went to Tenerife.... yeah! I was here before like a few years back for a holiday (and got sunburned so badly after th first two days that i had to wear ten litres of sun cream and a long sleeved shirt for the rest of the stay -.- ).

Lorenzo drove us to the airport at five in the morning where we had a quick breakfast and fleeeeeew over to the next of the Canary Islands :D

I have to say that Binter Canarias airlines is pretty awesome. Tiny, but awesome. Rows made up of pairs of seats instead of threesomes and - stupid Jaz had to bring her ginormous hand luggage on board - the over-head lockers where the size of... well, big enough to fit no more than a small handbag of jacket.
Not to mention the stewardess' uniforms - not the plain old navy blue and red lipsticks - more like freestyle hippy-ish stuff! Yellow-green t-shirts in swirly patterns was enough to set a happy mood.
Of course we got free sweets and drinks (plus doughnuts but they tasted old - eww).

I'm not going to bother desrcibing the 2 hour bus ride from the Southern airport to Icod de los Vinos with smelly old dudes drinking wine and singing off-key songs - heheh :D

Neither am i going to describe how awfully painful it was pulling two nearly 20kg suitcases up an almost vertical hill to get to some shade.

In the park of the Drago Tree (a tree that is 1500 years old - oldest Drago Tree in the world) we waited for dude from to pick us up. He will remain nameless as he annoyed me very much later on...

Blah blah blah... waiting waiting...

'Oh, hey, there you are!' we found him.

His house in the forest looked cool from the outside... not very nice on the inside.

I suffer from arachnophobia, as i have found out during our stay in that house!!!

I shall say no more than that i did not like it there at all (apart from the hammock-chair thingy hanging from the ceiling). Well, maybe i will in some other blog post... but not now.

Right... so basically he threw us out. Really. Just like, 'i suggest you guys check out today'.

Fifteen minutes later we were in a taxi driving awaaay from him!!

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?! He could have at least told us a day before or something, so we could looked for a place to spend the night!!

We just told the driver to drive on and on - we had no idea were to go.

I was so mad at him, but for some reason happy to be gone PHEW!

I will finish writing this later due to the fact that i am extremely tired and the screen is going blurry... night xx

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Sorry guys I've been EXTREMELY busy for the last... well, ages. I promise I will write again soon (I'm in an internet cafe right now and my time limit is nearly finished) though!

Anyways all I'm gonna manage to write in the next 31... 30... 29... 28... seconds is that I'm back in Spain with my Mom :)

And - HAPPY NEWS - I got my IGCSE exam results!! Guess what? I got... dun dun dun... A* for english and C for maths!! That's like the BEST score possible! #Proud :D

Whoops, time's up!!!!

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Did you hear about to train crash in north Spain?

I bet you did, it was all over the news.

Oh my God, you should have seen my face when I found out. My stepmom called me over to the laptop, ‘come see this’.

My eyes skimmed the Sky News webpage, stopping on a picture of the train – or rather, what was left of it…


Yep, I freaked.

And then I found out it happened halfway across the country to my house, and that my mom is absolutely fine.

So, what happened? Apparently the train driver, who was only permitted to drive 120km/h at a turn was driving 190km/h!! He said that he tried to beat some kind of record. MOST IDIOTIC EXCUSE I HAVE EVER HEARD.

The train derailed because of that great speed, sending eight carriages flying, some even ended piled on top of each other.

80 people dead.

More than 120 injured.

It is said that this is one of Europe’s worst ever train crashes.

And the driver survived without a single scratch! Wow, I suppose with all that mess he caused by wanting to beat a stupid record, he’ll rather be dead now than go to court, jail and all that stuff.

I can’t believe someone can be so thoughtless, unwise and pure stupid to do something like that.

Plus, he was equipped with gear that beeped when he was exceeding the speed, but obviously ignored it.

Imagine… you’re sitting happily in a super-modern train, in Spain. Maybe you’re on holiday with your family, maybe you’re just going home from a long trip. Maybe you just started eating your sandwich, drinking your Coke or even playing a game of cards with your relatives. Maybe you’re travelling with your child, or maybe you are a child.

And suddenly… BOOM!!!

And you’re dead. Gone forever. In less than ten seconds, you lost your life, unexpectedly, suddenly, not of your own fault…

Oh my goodness, it must have been terrible…

The whole of Spain will be grieving for three days after the accident. I will be mourning too, as I consider myself a little Spanish, plus I just feel sorry for what happened.

God bless all those people.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Best Series Ever!

I ADORE Cassandra Clare.


You don't know who that is? I am officially offended.

Cassandra Clare is the author of the 'Mortal Instruments' series. To me, that series is the BEST five books ever written in the whole history of writing.

And I would know, seeing i have read like a hundred books in the past year.

But, of course you know who Cassandra Clare is because 'City of Bones' is becoming a movie and will be in cinemas by the end of August!! Clary Fray will be played by Lily Collins, and Jace by Jamie Campbell Bower (who played one of the creepy people in Twilight).

OMG OMG OMG i can't wait!!!!!

I've just finished reading City of Ashes, and i am addicted. I cant live a day without reading at least a chapter (i'm reading it as an eBook on my tablet).

The trailer is awesome, look at it on the official movie website:

So, what's so great about the book?

First of all, its written with such detail that i can imagine every single scene perfectly, i can imagine the exact way of how the characters look, and it is just generally so detailed (not too detailed - that would make it boring) but at the same time sort of... lively? Is that the right word?

Secondly, there is lots going on. I have no idea how Cassandra Clare came up with all the names, objects, creatures, places and action that is constantly around!

Thirdly, and this probably doesn't even count as a proper reason, it is simply the BEST book i have ever read in my whole entire life. She has created a whole new world!

You know how in Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling has made up an entire new world, there is lots of action and things going on all the time? If you liked that, then this book/movie is definitely for you :)

Not convinced? Watch the trailer. Read about it on Wiki. JUST READ IT!!!!!

Thanks for bothering to read what exploded directly out of my head onto my keyboard.

Jazza, #CassandraClare 's biggest fan at this precise moment :D

Why is This Happening!?

Can someone tell me whether this is a problem with my laptop or with blogger?

This is me uploading a picture:

Oh, hello  picture! What's that on you??

This happened before and i dont know what to do :´(


Comment below if ya know how i can fix this...

Wind Surfing World Cup (Fuerteventura) 2013!!

We went to see the World Cup in Wind Surfing yesterday!!

I have to admit, i have NO IDEA what they had to do to win, or to lose, or if you surf for points or what. I just sat in the audience, looking at all the awesome jumps and tricks the guys were doing and it looked AMAZING!!

it made me laugh when some of them fell into the water when their sails were bent over by the strong wind, making them fail at their epic jumps and somersaults.

Anyways, just because I didn't get what was going on, I thought I'd post some pictures to show you peeps what it all looked like...

***OMGGGGG Blogger is annoying me!!! i cant upload any pics cuz they come out as blue lines!! WHY!? Can someone tell me whats going on??***

The Championships will carry on until the 26th of July, and it isn't just Wind Surfing; there will also be freestyle and slalom Kite Boarding competitions!

I guess I've got nothing else to say about this subject (except that it all looked pretty fun and i wouldn't mind trying it someday) as I am a complete amateur and don't even know what countries were fighting for the Cup.

Jazza xoxo

ps. here's the link to the official website of yesterday's Championship website