Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dreams ?

Do any of you ever have weird dreams?

I do, all the time. I don't thnk I've actually ever had a normal dream in my life.
But then again, I'm not proper normal. I'm crazy and proud of it!

The freakiest one I had lately was about a mini wasp invasion. The wasps were mini, not the invasion. It was SO scary, even though I forgot about it two point five seconds after I woke up, which is a good thing in a way, and as soon as I remembered, I thought I'd share it with you guys!

I wasn't 14, no, I was about 6 or 7 and living in some country I didn't recognise from real life.

People ran around panicking, and i was the only one that remained calm in the whole place. Why? Because i had no idea what was going on.

There was a see-through clock on the sky, covering it all, and it was to disappear when the invasion was to come.

It was terrifying when a whole ginormous bunch of tiny wasps came darting at all of us, everyone running around madly, including me by now.

They would crawl all around your body, go underneath your clothes and up you nose, even!

Wherever you went they followed, the cracks in windows or under doors giving them easy access to you.

The weirdest thing was that they did not sting anyone.

Well, i  can´t remember anyone screaming or saying the wasps bit them!

Seriously, I woke up all sweaty but forgot straight away!

Weird or what??

Any of you guys have strange dreams lately? I´d love to read about them!
Post below in the comments box!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


my dream came trueee!!!
i have my own, own, own mini laptop!!
im writing from it now and the little keyboard is kind of hard to get used to, but i love it!!
it´s white and an Asus!!
i originally wanted an Acer Aspire One, but ONLY in blue, and they only had it in black and an ugly sort of red. so i got this pretty white one!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ouch !!

Oh my days - I just fell off my bike !!
I was riding along - on a normal, wide pavement - and my stinking shoelace got caught in the pedals and as soon as i felt my foot being tugged off the pedal i wanted to stop and see what on earth was going on.

The minute i hit the brakes i saw the floor coming dangerously close to my face and -  BAM - the next thing i knew i was stuck underneath the big red mountain bike, my foot trapped and oddly twisted.

Of course the passers-by ran to help, and an English man tried to lift the bike off me, but of course my foot followed and i said my shoelace is rapped around the pedal. Two Spanish people came and i tried to explain to them that I'm stuck. Literally.

One of them undid my shoelace and unscrewed it from the pedal, helping me up. I said thanks and watched them all walk off, feeling pain in my right arm.

As soon as i got home i pulled my sleeve up to examine my bruise. Only there wasn't any. At least, not yet!

Thank goodness I'm left-handed!!


You will never guess what happened to me.

I was in Greece with my dad, just for a holiday, and next week i was gonna go to London and meet my mum there, then go back to Spain.

But of course it just couldn't go well. As always.

I was in touch with my bestie, emailing every day, as if she was my diary or something, and i told her i could meet her on Sunday the 17th. I only wrote the "17th" bit once, seeing i thought she was clever and would remember it.

Clearly i was wrong.
(no offense!)

So a Sunday came and she thought i was coming to see her. She kept texting and emailing what time, what time, what time!? 

I was coming the NEXT Sunday and thought she was overreacting and told her to chillax and I'll let her know when i know for myself.

I didn't know she thought I was already in London.

So Sunday passed, and Monday morning , as i woke up in the hot house and got up first to check my email, i found 24 messages from both her and her mum, as well as... THE POLICE.

I was on the Missing Persons list for a couple of days before my dad and mum emailed the Metropolitan and all that and sorted it out.


I wasn't allowed to officially cross the UK border and they were looking for meand my 'kidnapper'. I was SO BLOODY FREAKED OUT!!!

But i arrived safely (i was travelling alone, got a free meal on the plane and endless supplies of Sprite - Aegean Airways are amazing!!) and everything was forgotten. 
I hope.

Wow, it was MAD.



oh my goodness guys !!
i have FINALLY made a Twitter account !!
i was totally forbidden to after my friend and i had a very confusing conversation online and she ended up thinking i was kidnapped and called the police on me, so my parents reckoned i was obviously too immature to use the internet in such way. Plus my dad was seriously against any kind of Facebook or MySpace or that sort of stuff.

But... I MADE AN ACCOUNT!!! Yaaaaaay!!
i have no idea why they suddenly let me, so don't bother asking.

I am called @iAmAwesomeXox so follooooow please!!
and u will never, EVER, guess who's following me.


Harry Styles


Carly Rae Jepsen


I didn't even follow them and they're following me just randomly. Am i meant to freak out?

Okay, i know you guys are thinking, "of course they're not following her, she's just trynna be cool"
But they seriously are.
Feel free to go ahead and check.
And i had a short direct convo with Harry:

Me: oh my days thx so much 4 following me :) made my day xx
H: ur welcome xx
Me:  know this is crazy but my little bro (he's 6) told me 2 write 2 u that he loves 1D and that ur amazing Xd
H: thank u ♥ :) x
me: <3 luv u hazza
H: ♥ u to x

I know, I'm crazy. And proud of it!!

And all this probably sounds seriously fake but it isn't. But Harry's "private profile" is, according to all my friends.

What do u think?

Can u plz follow me?


My official, special Twitter account for you awesome blog-reading people to follow me on is


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Visit These?

Guys I have to recommend some awesome websites :)

If you're bored or whatever just visit these! 
Here you look after horses or ponies and even create your own riding school! I know it sounds reeally childish but it's totally cool :)
(You could put me as a Sponsor if you decide to join, I'm called Jazzmina67)
Become a true movie star! Make movies, be an actor/actress and make friends! Become famous and rich! (I'm on it, I'm called JasieLuvsU)
'Wee' meaning 'small' or 'little', not as in piss!
(I'm on this one too: lolz3003)

Skype - THE BEST invention ever!
Originally a Spanish website; compelete missions, make friends, create your own islands, design interiors, etc. It's seriously awesome (unless you forget your password and have to start over like me ^-^)

I'll add some more later on cuz I'm about to watch Johnny English online (it's sooooo jokes!!)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Yayy!! :3

OMG my package from London has arrived!! I am sooooo happy!

You see, my friend came for a hol in Spain (where I live) and I let her borrow my fave jumper for the cold evenings. So the night before she flew back home she just HAD to forget to take it off and give it back to me ... But her mum texted me the next day saying 'sorry darling, I'm afraid we have your jumper :)' and that she'll send me a package so i can have it back.
And she said she'll buy me two books. Hunger Games was my choice.

The package took 11 whole days to arrive and when it did, here is what it had inside:
- my jumper (duh!)!!
- a pair of pineapple earrings (too cute!)!!
- FIVE Jacqueline Wilson books!!
- The Hunger Games Trilogy!!
That makes five books and a pair of sweet earrings too much. I'm so happy though!!

The earring are literally shaped as little yellow pineapples and are covered in jewels.
I love them!
Thanx a lot friendie :)

My whole load of jewellery:

Check These Out?

Hey Peeps!

You should totally check out these sites (my dad, step-mom and I made them!!):

I'll post some more awesome links later on :)

IGSCE Exams!!

You know how I'm supposed to be on Home Education? Well, that means I gotta do Maths from this book:

IT IS HARD, seeing that i am only 14 and not really old enough to do GCSE Maths. 

About GCSEs, i'm doing them in a private school in Malaga THIS YEAR. Aaaa!!! I'm so freaked out!!

What are you guys picking for your exams? I gotta pick a few extra ones so maybe your's will give me inspiration? Write in the comments :)

My Craziness is Awesome XD

I am just another girl gone bonkers over something. In my case, it's Twilight and One Direction. I am lately obsessed with Justin Bieber as well, which is seriously weird, seeing that i hated him so much before my friend gave his CD for x-mas. Same thing happened with 1D - i couldn't stand them until my friend got me the Up All Night Album for my b-day. 

OMG i am so hungry. Serious. I was having an amazing Twilight dream involving Jacob ( <3 ) when my mum woke me up at 9am (too early!!) and made the dream disappear just at when i opened a parcel i got and was about to see what was inside it. So i was starting to be a morning-moaner and didn't wanna get up but figured i have to since i wanted to talk to Dad on Skype. 

I got up and took a boiling hot shower and didn't bother to dry my hair and now my fave blue hoodie is proper dripping wet. Mum was just about to leave for her morning yoga sessions and told me to do my Maths.

And here I am now, waiting for someone to show up on Skype (all my friends from England would be on - school is closed cuz of the SNOW!!!! I'm so jealous; it's NEVER snowing in Spain ^_^).

I guess i should go eat breakfast now. Hmm... cereal or toast?


Sunday, 20 January 2013

About Me!!


What's up guys?

I'm Jasmina, (aka Jazza), I'm almost fourteen, and a proud traveler.

Okay, so before I say anything, you people are probably thinking something like, 'why is this chick calling herself a crab?? Is she some kind of mental??'. Well let me answer your question: my friend and I have a crazy obsession about crabs (we use the word 'crab' the same way as the Smurfs use the word 'smurf') and so I randomly called myself a crab. I do loads of random things these days; I guess that's ok.

I was born in the North of Poland, were i was raised and lived there for my first six years. I had a great time going to nursery and spending weekends with my two grans fighting over whose house I will be staying at. And then, just randomly, my mum said we're moving to London. I mean, 'what the heck!?' So she flew over there early to find a job and a school for me to go to, and I stayed with my grandma for another six months (she got me a hamster to make me feel better, but it ran away after three months and we found it's skin-remainings behind the sofa after a while. Disgusting.)

London was just as I had expected, to be honest. Well, apart from the fact that I had no idea that it was a capital of England, but what would you expect of a six year old? Noisy and cold. I went to school, and after a month or so of not speaking (I could speak pretty good English because I used to go for lessons in Poland, but I was too scared I'd make a mistake) I finally made some wonderful friends which I still love nowadays (you know who you are, guys!) and totally don't regret moving.

So there I was, for another six years. I was in the middle of Year Eight when Mum and I went for a holiday to Spain, to visit my dad (no, he's not Spanish!). Only a short one, it was, but enough for her to make a MAD decision again.
You see, I was just casually minding my own business when she said we were gonna move. AGAIN. To Spain -.-
Why, Mum!?!?
As you might have guessed, I wasn't very happy. And my friends were planning on murdering me for this. But after a while I got used to the lovely sun-all-year-round weather in a small town near Malaga.
After a while though, i figured that decision wasn't that mad after all, it was pretty cool actually. I love it here!
I travel a lot lately. I traveled all over Europe with my dad, step-mom and little bro. In about two months we have ticked Italy and Greece off our list of places. Daddy decided to stay in Greece for a while, so that’s just great (no, I'm not being sarcastic). Greece isn't as bad as they say, I figured.
Yeah, so here I am now, not going to school at all, studying 2 hours a day ONLY. Cool, huh? I definitely think so. It’s called ‘Home Education’, and both my bro and I don’t have to go to school where we’d normally get bored to death.

Anyways, I gotta go eat my lunch now (rice with some kind of veggie sauce), so I guess that's it for today!

ttyl xox