Sunday, 20 January 2013

About Me!!


What's up guys?

I'm Jasmina, (aka Jazza), I'm almost fourteen, and a proud traveler.

Okay, so before I say anything, you people are probably thinking something like, 'why is this chick calling herself a crab?? Is she some kind of mental??'. Well let me answer your question: my friend and I have a crazy obsession about crabs (we use the word 'crab' the same way as the Smurfs use the word 'smurf') and so I randomly called myself a crab. I do loads of random things these days; I guess that's ok.

I was born in the North of Poland, were i was raised and lived there for my first six years. I had a great time going to nursery and spending weekends with my two grans fighting over whose house I will be staying at. And then, just randomly, my mum said we're moving to London. I mean, 'what the heck!?' So she flew over there early to find a job and a school for me to go to, and I stayed with my grandma for another six months (she got me a hamster to make me feel better, but it ran away after three months and we found it's skin-remainings behind the sofa after a while. Disgusting.)

London was just as I had expected, to be honest. Well, apart from the fact that I had no idea that it was a capital of England, but what would you expect of a six year old? Noisy and cold. I went to school, and after a month or so of not speaking (I could speak pretty good English because I used to go for lessons in Poland, but I was too scared I'd make a mistake) I finally made some wonderful friends which I still love nowadays (you know who you are, guys!) and totally don't regret moving.

So there I was, for another six years. I was in the middle of Year Eight when Mum and I went for a holiday to Spain, to visit my dad (no, he's not Spanish!). Only a short one, it was, but enough for her to make a MAD decision again.
You see, I was just casually minding my own business when she said we were gonna move. AGAIN. To Spain -.-
Why, Mum!?!?
As you might have guessed, I wasn't very happy. And my friends were planning on murdering me for this. But after a while I got used to the lovely sun-all-year-round weather in a small town near Malaga.
After a while though, i figured that decision wasn't that mad after all, it was pretty cool actually. I love it here!
I travel a lot lately. I traveled all over Europe with my dad, step-mom and little bro. In about two months we have ticked Italy and Greece off our list of places. Daddy decided to stay in Greece for a while, so that’s just great (no, I'm not being sarcastic). Greece isn't as bad as they say, I figured.
Yeah, so here I am now, not going to school at all, studying 2 hours a day ONLY. Cool, huh? I definitely think so. It’s called ‘Home Education’, and both my bro and I don’t have to go to school where we’d normally get bored to death.

Anyways, I gotta go eat my lunch now (rice with some kind of veggie sauce), so I guess that's it for today!

ttyl xox 

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