Monday, 21 January 2013

My Craziness is Awesome XD

I am just another girl gone bonkers over something. In my case, it's Twilight and One Direction. I am lately obsessed with Justin Bieber as well, which is seriously weird, seeing that i hated him so much before my friend gave his CD for x-mas. Same thing happened with 1D - i couldn't stand them until my friend got me the Up All Night Album for my b-day. 

OMG i am so hungry. Serious. I was having an amazing Twilight dream involving Jacob ( <3 ) when my mum woke me up at 9am (too early!!) and made the dream disappear just at when i opened a parcel i got and was about to see what was inside it. So i was starting to be a morning-moaner and didn't wanna get up but figured i have to since i wanted to talk to Dad on Skype. 

I got up and took a boiling hot shower and didn't bother to dry my hair and now my fave blue hoodie is proper dripping wet. Mum was just about to leave for her morning yoga sessions and told me to do my Maths.

And here I am now, waiting for someone to show up on Skype (all my friends from England would be on - school is closed cuz of the SNOW!!!! I'm so jealous; it's NEVER snowing in Spain ^_^).

I guess i should go eat breakfast now. Hmm... cereal or toast?



  1. OMG OMG !!!!! It's so awesome!!!!!!!!! we're actually ! learned it just yesterday but looks like it works with skype only!

  2. where is my "rofling" word? it's not there! it supposed to be after "we're actually ROFLING"

  3. Your Awesome Randomnes is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jazza Rulez! and kicks butt "amamama":)