Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ouch !!

Oh my days - I just fell off my bike !!
I was riding along - on a normal, wide pavement - and my stinking shoelace got caught in the pedals and as soon as i felt my foot being tugged off the pedal i wanted to stop and see what on earth was going on.

The minute i hit the brakes i saw the floor coming dangerously close to my face and -  BAM - the next thing i knew i was stuck underneath the big red mountain bike, my foot trapped and oddly twisted.

Of course the passers-by ran to help, and an English man tried to lift the bike off me, but of course my foot followed and i said my shoelace is rapped around the pedal. Two Spanish people came and i tried to explain to them that I'm stuck. Literally.

One of them undid my shoelace and unscrewed it from the pedal, helping me up. I said thanks and watched them all walk off, feeling pain in my right arm.

As soon as i got home i pulled my sleeve up to examine my bruise. Only there wasn't any. At least, not yet!

Thank goodness I'm left-handed!!

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