Thursday, 24 January 2013


You will never guess what happened to me.

I was in Greece with my dad, just for a holiday, and next week i was gonna go to London and meet my mum there, then go back to Spain.

But of course it just couldn't go well. As always.

I was in touch with my bestie, emailing every day, as if she was my diary or something, and i told her i could meet her on Sunday the 17th. I only wrote the "17th" bit once, seeing i thought she was clever and would remember it.

Clearly i was wrong.
(no offense!)

So a Sunday came and she thought i was coming to see her. She kept texting and emailing what time, what time, what time!? 

I was coming the NEXT Sunday and thought she was overreacting and told her to chillax and I'll let her know when i know for myself.

I didn't know she thought I was already in London.

So Sunday passed, and Monday morning , as i woke up in the hot house and got up first to check my email, i found 24 messages from both her and her mum, as well as... THE POLICE.

I was on the Missing Persons list for a couple of days before my dad and mum emailed the Metropolitan and all that and sorted it out.


I wasn't allowed to officially cross the UK border and they were looking for meand my 'kidnapper'. I was SO BLOODY FREAKED OUT!!!

But i arrived safely (i was travelling alone, got a free meal on the plane and endless supplies of Sprite - Aegean Airways are amazing!!) and everything was forgotten. 
I hope.

Wow, it was MAD.


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