Monday, 21 January 2013

Yayy!! :3

OMG my package from London has arrived!! I am sooooo happy!

You see, my friend came for a hol in Spain (where I live) and I let her borrow my fave jumper for the cold evenings. So the night before she flew back home she just HAD to forget to take it off and give it back to me ... But her mum texted me the next day saying 'sorry darling, I'm afraid we have your jumper :)' and that she'll send me a package so i can have it back.
And she said she'll buy me two books. Hunger Games was my choice.

The package took 11 whole days to arrive and when it did, here is what it had inside:
- my jumper (duh!)!!
- a pair of pineapple earrings (too cute!)!!
- FIVE Jacqueline Wilson books!!
- The Hunger Games Trilogy!!
That makes five books and a pair of sweet earrings too much. I'm so happy though!!

The earring are literally shaped as little yellow pineapples and are covered in jewels.
I love them!
Thanx a lot friendie :)

My whole load of jewellery:

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