Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Visit These?

Guys I have to recommend some awesome websites :)

If you're bored or whatever just visit these!

Here you look after horses or ponies and even create your own riding school! I know it sounds reeally childish but it's totally cool :)
(You could put me as a Sponsor if you decide to join, I'm called Jazzmina67)

Become a true movie star! Make movies, be an actor/actress and make friends! Become famous and rich! (I'm on it, I'm called JasieLuvsU)

'Wee' meaning 'small' or 'little', not as in piss!
(I'm on this one too: lolz3003)

Skype - THE BEST invention ever!

Originally a Spanish website; compelete missions, make friends, create your own islands, design interiors, etc. It's seriously awesome (unless you forget your password and have to start over like me ^-^)

I'll add some more later on cuz I'm about to watch Johnny English online (it's sooooo jokes!!)

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