Monday, 11 February 2013

Carnival !!!

Fiesta Time!!!!!
Who loves to party? C'mon now, be honest...
How about dressing up? Loads of make-up, fancy outfits, awesome friends...
Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, when it comes to PARTY, I´m in!!

Carnival de Nerja, where i live, everyone, and i mean absolutely everyone (well, maybe excluding the few tourists that aren't up to date) dress up. This year, was a waitress.

I don't think my outfit rocked, to be honest, but i guess it wasn't too bad. My friend and I dressed similarly and both had bright red lips (if you want a long lasting look, try lip-liner for your whole lips and it stays on for more than five hours!!) but after meeting a few others from her school who ruined the happy mood by their hateful attitudes we ditched the lot and went looking for other friends.

'Meet us at Plaza de España at 7pm' was their Facebook message.
And guess what? We waited an hour until they showed up -.-

Plaza de España is the main square of the town, the main square where the disco was supposed to be that night.

We met up with the others, three girls and one guy (all 16 except for me and one Dutch girl who was 13), and as nothing was going on on the square except for the odd children dancing their little silly moves on the empty stage, we went somewhere I'd never expect to be that night.

We ended up on a beach.

We all stayed there until about 11 at night, then the lot went to a Pizza place and i was starting to get a headache from all the noise on the streets, so, unfortunately, i had to go home...

I would like to thank my mum for letting me stay two hours longer than arranged (yes, i was told to go home at 9 on the best night ever!!)

Here are some pics of the carnival, some random people dressed up, a few of me etc...

(people on the parade riding on platforms pulled by tractors through the streets of Nerja)

(my friend and I; yes i know, the outfits are terrible!!)

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