Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Movie !!!

Have any of you seen `Abduction`?
Well, if you have, you´ll have to agree with me: it is one awesome film!!

For those of you that haven´t, a quick review...

With Taylor Lautner as Nathan, a normal high school kid finds his childhood photo on a website of missing persons. The problem is he is not missing at all, he is living happily with his parents in the USA.

Along with his (girl)friend he sets out to discover his past and future as they step into the dangerous world of secret agents and where every tiny detail can mean a great load more than can be imagined!!

Not convinced? Nah, probably not. But, tell you what, go and watch it online or get it from the library or movie renting place, or wherever you usually go for films needed for movie nights, and watch it!!!

Okay, i gotta tell you that i am not recommending this movie because i am totally in love with Taylor Lautner. I am recommending it because... IT RULES!!!!!

At least now i know what i´ll watch with my besties on the next slumber party :)

(note: if you decide to watch it, which hopefully you will, lemme know watcha think about it in da comments below)

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