Friday, 31 May 2013

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered if…
Seagulls are spies?
Their stern expressions when they´re flying up high?
The way they glide, without making a sound?
The way they move – graceful and proud?
Unnoticeable unless close up,
Or screaming their ear-piercing yelp,
To fight off enemies and save the world,
Never making unnecessary noise, never saying a word,
Just imagine them in suits and ties or black sunglasses…
Makes sense, right?

Have you ever wondered if…
Your toys come alive?
When you’re off to school, they skive
From their daily positions,
And follow their intuitions,
Roam about your room, the whole house,
Down the stairs, quiet as a mouse,
Have their own tea parties, not like the ones you make up,
Then, before you get back, return for a little nap,
And sleep, motionless, impatiently waiting for the next morning,
Makes sense, don´t it?

Have you ever wondered if…
The world is really one big plate of food?
Candyfloss clouds,
Spinach-flavored mounds,
Cheesy moon,
That´d be cool!
Blueberry juice oceans,
(In non-stop motion)
Houses of gingerbread,
Who´ll eat us up? Some greedy-head?
People made of pizza dough,
(The tasty kind, though)
Makes sense, no?

Imagine if all these things were true,
What would you do?

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