Thursday, 23 May 2013

Horse Riding :]

I now officially say that my friend Paulina was right.

* yes, you get the satisfaction, if ur readin this ;) *


I went yesterday to an equestrian centre called Nerj@ventura with Pauli, and it RULED!!!

Okay, i have to admit that i was avoiding every time that Pauli tried to get me to come... yeah... but then yesterday, when i came to her house, she was like, "hey, wanna come riding with us today?" and i was like, "sure!"

Personally, i have no idea what happened to me that made me go. Weird.

So, after we rushed to my house (which is abotu 15mins walk from her's) so i could gobble up my dinner and change into suitable clothes (a stripy top, black leggings and trainers; things that are easy to wash). Then we sprinted back to her's where she changed into her proffessional horseriding gear.

The main lady from the classes got us with her car in which we were attacked by hyper dogs that licked our faces off.


So, skipping all the details of the journey, which took about, say, 10 mins, and after the little kids had their go on the calmest horses, Sara and Castaña, i got to have my go!! YEAH!!

Because Sara, the horse i was meant to ride on at the beginning, had her saddle broken by some guy who tugged on it too hard, i had to ride on Castaña, an old horse.

She has these dark brown eyes and is all brown with black legs that look like she's wearing socks :D

Jone, the sort of boss of the whole place, said we will do trotting today. She taught me the English Trot, where you have to lift your bum up off the saddle and then put it back down again in the rythm of the horse, which is pretty hard, considering that your'e all shaking and cant get a proper grip of it.

I did it in the end, though, and Jone said i did great for my first ever go! Yay!

Then i did the Spanish Trot where you have to stay in the saddle which is also hard becuase the horse goes up, down, up, down, up, down, and, well, i think you get the point :)

So after i did some riding, Pauli and i washed a few horses, meaning we brushed them and sprayed water all over them, and then Jone asked us to clean the stables.

That was pretty disgusting...

We had to get all the poop out of the stables with a spade and put it all in this giant wheel-barrow and throw onto this big pile of poop. Ew.

THEN we fed the horses, each a different portion, depending on it's size and age and health condition.

Then this weird dog jumped out of the window to get it's ball. I got scared cuz i thought it died but it didn't :D

We had a Coke and some fresh cherries and a melon, plus cookies for Pauli, who isn't a fruit fanatic!

And then, hard to imagine, it was 9pm. So i was there for five hours!!!

And i'm going again today!! YAYYYY!! i'm so happy ;)

I'll take photos today of all the horses and of the peeps riding them and upload them here.

See ya!

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