Thursday, 27 June 2013

Answer These in The Comments :)

There's this craze in Poland nowadays where you have a notebook with questions, and you give it to another person to answer on the next page.

It's called "Złote Myśli" which means "golden thoughts".

So, seeing that i have 500 views on my blogs so far, i thought i'd ask YOU some questions!

Here ya go:

1. Name?
2. Nickname(s)?
3. Fave colour?
4. Fave animal?
5. Any siblings?
6. Do you like your name? (if not, what would you like to be called?)
7. What is your <dream>?
8. Have you got any pets at home? (if so, what are their names?)
9. Fave book?
10. Fave singer/band?
11. Describe yourself in 2 words?
12. What is your hobby?
13. Fave movie?
14. Fave song (at this particular moment)?
15. How did ya find this blog?

You can answer them in the comment box below :)

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