Tuesday, 2 July 2013


But it didnt happen.

They evacuated half the city in case it exploded. People that live around the river where to spend the day at families' homes, and those who had nowhere to go where to stay at the local school (which was prepared for the occasion).

Those that were waiting for the explosion and wanted some action, are disappointed. Others are relieved.

Okay, you're going, "just hurry up and tell me what your on about!!".


Right now, I'm in a city called Szczecin; my hometown in Poland (look it up in Google Maps, cuz u probs never heard of it).
You should now that this city played a big part in Word War II, so as you can guess it was bombed loads of times.

And here´s what this is on about.


Divers found a WWII bomb in the river Odra, probably a German Air Force one.

How did they find it? This summer they are re-building the river's coast (for some sort of celebration next month), and they just ran into it by accident.

It was impossible to say when or if it will explode

So, last Sunday, there was this whoooooole big fat action on the TV about how the soldiers were carefully taking out the "500kg - half a ton - of exploding material" bomb, risking their lives as it might have exploded any second...

But, as you already know, it didn't.

Here is a pic I took of the newspaper:

Evacuating people by the police (up)

the yellow marking shows the exact location of the bomb (up)

moving the misfire (up)

The soldiers had to drive the explosive two hours away to the military training grounds in Drawsko to force the bomb to explode.

Cuz if they don't explode it on purpose, it might explode in the least expected moment and cause looooads of harm!

My laptop is about to run out of battery, so i gotta go plug it in. Bye xoxo

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