Friday, 12 July 2013

Las Islas Canarias :)


I’m on the Canary Islands! Ye-hey!

I'm staying in the house of a guy called Lorenzo, along with my Dad, lil’ Bro and Stepmom <3

The house is situated in the middle of nowhere, actually, but the closest town to us is called Tarajalejo. Oh, and it’s in Fuerteventura!

We live here because my Dad and them lot found this program thingy where you help people in their work, and, instead of money, we get shelter and food! I think it’s a cool exchange :)

(Cuz, when you work, what do you spend most of your money on? Food and bills and house-related stuff. And we don’t even have to work for like 6 hours a day, just a little bit in the evening, when it’s not scorching hot outside)

When I say ‘we’, yes, I mean myself too. You won’t mind when you find out what sort of work it is. Don’t worry; it’s not child labor or anything ;)

The work is in an Aloe Vera farm!! (Here’s the website:

What we do is basically either: pull out the baby aloes that grow by the big ones, as they muck up the other ones’ roots and that sort of stuff, fix new aloes into the ground (my dad does that because its dirty and tiring work), fix up the watering pipes or simply get rid of the weeds.

It might sound drastic, but it’s easy stuff.

*Oh my God, my computer has 1% of battery left, better plug it in!!!*

Okay, I'm back ;)

Erm… what else? Oh yeah, the Lorenzo guy cuts off the Aloe Vera leaves and sells them to a factory where they are made into cream! And there’s also this essence thing that he makes himself and it’s really good for soothing mosquito bites (I tried it out last night).

I don’t think there’s anything else I have to write… not that I can remember, at least…

He has a dog, called Bicho (bicho = bug in Spanish), who is a black German shepherd and has big scary teeth. He freaks me out but is cute at the same time. I'm weird like that… I  love big dogs but I'm scared of them at the same time :D

Gotta go now, my little bro is nagging me to play with him – plus I promised.

Bye xoxo

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