Monday, 22 July 2013

Wind Surfing World Cup (Fuerteventura) 2013!!

We went to see the World Cup in Wind Surfing yesterday!!

I have to admit, i have NO IDEA what they had to do to win, or to lose, or if you surf for points or what. I just sat in the audience, looking at all the awesome jumps and tricks the guys were doing and it looked AMAZING!!

it made me laugh when some of them fell into the water when their sails were bent over by the strong wind, making them fail at their epic jumps and somersaults.

Anyways, just because I didn't get what was going on, I thought I'd post some pictures to show you peeps what it all looked like...

***OMGGGGG Blogger is annoying me!!! i cant upload any pics cuz they come out as blue lines!! WHY!? Can someone tell me whats going on??***

The Championships will carry on until the 26th of July, and it isn't just Wind Surfing; there will also be freestyle and slalom Kite Boarding competitions!

I guess I've got nothing else to say about this subject (except that it all looked pretty fun and i wouldn't mind trying it someday) as I am a complete amateur and don't even know what countries were fighting for the Cup.

Jazza xoxo

ps. here's the link to the official website of yesterday's Championship website

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