Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hi :D

I solemnly swear that from this day on i will write my blog entries regularly -_-

HELLO!!! I know it's been i while but i am serious now and i promise i will write my blog regularly :) But we're in this sort of weird situation aka have no internet at home and have to fly between cafes and restaurants that have WiFi.

I also write a diary which takes up a lot of time and gives me a pain in the as- i mean hand.

And i go horseriding and have to study etc etc etc BUT i do try to write my blogs in a Word Doc and them copy and paste them here (like the previous one that i completely forgot about heheh lol)

Now that there aren't as many peeps in my house as there was a few days back (guests and family and blah blah blah) i think i'll have a teensy weency bit more time from now on.

But now i have a date with my Mum to go eat frozen yoghurt. See what i mean? :P

Bye xoxox

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