Sunday, 29 September 2013


Heyy people!!

(This blog entry was written the day we got to Tenerife, aka end of August)

Yeahh i know i haven't written anything for ages and ages and ages but that's because there's been a lot going on.

First of all, we're not on Fuerteventura anymore (i'm still with my dad and them lot), but on Tenerife!! Yipee!

Why? The answer is simple - it was too hot. Because Fuerte is a volcanic and dessert-ish island, there is hardly any wind (and if so it's the hot type). It is also really close to Africa, meaning the scorching Africam sun was right above our heads. Fuerte was waaaay to boiling for us!!!

And even though we loved Lorenzo's house and the place in general, we had to go :(

So we went to Tenerife.... yeah! I was here before like a few years back for a holiday (and got sunburned so badly after th first two days that i had to wear ten litres of sun cream and a long sleeved shirt for the rest of the stay -.- ).

Lorenzo drove us to the airport at five in the morning where we had a quick breakfast and fleeeeeew over to the next of the Canary Islands :D

I have to say that Binter Canarias airlines is pretty awesome. Tiny, but awesome. Rows made up of pairs of seats instead of threesomes and - stupid Jaz had to bring her ginormous hand luggage on board - the over-head lockers where the size of... well, big enough to fit no more than a small handbag of jacket.
Not to mention the stewardess' uniforms - not the plain old navy blue and red lipsticks - more like freestyle hippy-ish stuff! Yellow-green t-shirts in swirly patterns was enough to set a happy mood.
Of course we got free sweets and drinks (plus doughnuts but they tasted old - eww).

I'm not going to bother desrcibing the 2 hour bus ride from the Southern airport to Icod de los Vinos with smelly old dudes drinking wine and singing off-key songs - heheh :D

Neither am i going to describe how awfully painful it was pulling two nearly 20kg suitcases up an almost vertical hill to get to some shade.

In the park of the Drago Tree (a tree that is 1500 years old - oldest Drago Tree in the world) we waited for dude from to pick us up. He will remain nameless as he annoyed me very much later on...

Blah blah blah... waiting waiting...

'Oh, hey, there you are!' we found him.

His house in the forest looked cool from the outside... not very nice on the inside.

I suffer from arachnophobia, as i have found out during our stay in that house!!!

I shall say no more than that i did not like it there at all (apart from the hammock-chair thingy hanging from the ceiling). Well, maybe i will in some other blog post... but not now.

Right... so basically he threw us out. Really. Just like, 'i suggest you guys check out today'.

Fifteen minutes later we were in a taxi driving awaaay from him!!

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?! He could have at least told us a day before or something, so we could looked for a place to spend the night!!

We just told the driver to drive on and on - we had no idea were to go.

I was so mad at him, but for some reason happy to be gone PHEW!

I will finish writing this later due to the fact that i am extremely tired and the screen is going blurry... night xx

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