Thursday, 24 January 2013


oh my goodness guys !!
i have FINALLY made a Twitter account !!
i was totally forbidden to after my friend and i had a very confusing conversation online and she ended up thinking i was kidnapped and called the police on me, so my parents reckoned i was obviously too immature to use the internet in such way. Plus my dad was seriously against any kind of Facebook or MySpace or that sort of stuff.

But... I MADE AN ACCOUNT!!! Yaaaaaay!!
i have no idea why they suddenly let me, so don't bother asking.

I am called @iAmAwesomeXox so follooooow please!!
and u will never, EVER, guess who's following me.


Harry Styles


Carly Rae Jepsen


I didn't even follow them and they're following me just randomly. Am i meant to freak out?

Okay, i know you guys are thinking, "of course they're not following her, she's just trynna be cool"
But they seriously are.
Feel free to go ahead and check.
And i had a short direct convo with Harry:

Me: oh my days thx so much 4 following me :) made my day xx
H: ur welcome xx
Me:  know this is crazy but my little bro (he's 6) told me 2 write 2 u that he loves 1D and that ur amazing Xd
H: thank u ♥ :) x
me: <3 luv u hazza
H: ♥ u to x

I know, I'm crazy. And proud of it!!

And all this probably sounds seriously fake but it isn't. But Harry's "private profile" is, according to all my friends.

What do u think?

Can u plz follow me?


My official, special Twitter account for you awesome blog-reading people to follow me on is


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